Spotted Photo Theme: Animals

I enjoy photography, but I have no interest in becoming a professional photographer.  As I have written before, photography is for me more of a way of seeing and recording the world around me rather than expressing myself artistically or honing my photographic skills.  However, emphasizing the process over the product means that after I take my photos, most of them end up sitting largely forgotten on a memory card or on my computer.


Once endangered, trumpeter swans are now becoming regular winter visitors here.

So I was happy to discover the Spotted Photo Theme challenge from iHanna, one of my favourite creative bloggers.  The idea is simple: each month, go through your photos and look for themes, subjects you return to again and again.  You can use iHanna’s suggestions for themes or choose your own.  I love this challenge because this way I get to revisit my favourite photos rather than letting them stay neglected.

The theme for August is animals.  I love photographing animals, but they can be a challenge, because – unlike plants – animals can move, and wild animals may not allow a photographer to approach as closely as she might like.

Winter deer

Deer are also frequent visitors here – not just in winter, but all year long!


Whenever we travel in wilderness areas, we always hope to see some large wild mammals, such as bears, elk, or moose. Usually, however, all we end up seeing are deer and squirrels. I photographed this squirrel on our trip through the mountains last year.

Especially when it comes to birds, I may take dozens of photos just to get a single good one.  Often the bird flies away before I even manage that much.  But occasionally I am surprised with a photo that turns out better than I expected, a photo that manages to “see” the bird better than I did with my eyes.

Black-capped Chickadee

Black-capped chickadee, one of my favourite year-round birds.


House wren, one of our more vocal summer visitors.

Insects and spiders are among my favourite animal subjects.  They’re small, and usually allow me to get up close to take detailed photos.  (Butterflies are by far my favourite insects to photograph, but they’ll be appearing in an upcoming photo theme.)

Cross spider

These large and beautiful (and thankfully, harmless to people) cross spiders are most noticeable on their webs in late summer and early fall.


Beetle on our glass railing. I think it’s a member of the Buprestidae (woodborer) family, but I’m not attempting an identification that goes further than that. There are a lot of different kinds of beetles out there!

While insects, birds, and mammals are the animals I photograph most often, there are of course many other kinds of animals out there, and some of them also appear in my photos.  I always try to photograph anything new and different that crosses my path.

Dead sockeye salmon

Dead sockeye salmon, finished spawning and soon to be recycled back into nutrients that feed the rest of ecosystem, an essential part of its role as a keystone species.

Western toad

A western toad, Bufo boreas, photographed near the backyard pond that we had when we lived in the country.

Ochre sea star

Ochre sea star, Pisaster ochraceus, photographed on a trip to the west coast two years ago.

Two years ago, we traveled to the west coast and the wild shores of the Pacific Ocean.  Scrambling amongst rocks and tidepools, I discovered a whole host of creatures I knew little about, from anemones to sea stars to limpets to barnacles.  I couldn’t take enough photos.  With every step I was discovering something new and fascinating.  In the animal kingdom, there is always more to discover and, of course, to photograph.


Spotted photo theme
The post Spotted Photo Theme: Animals
is part of iHanna’s Spotted Photo Theme challenge.  If this post interests you, please consider joining in and sharing your own photo themes.

And if you would like to see more animal photos like these, check out all of my posts in the categories Fur and Feather and Insects and Spiders.

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2 Responses to Spotted Photo Theme: Animals

  1. iHanna says:

    Hi Heather, thanks for joining! I love your wild animal photos lots! I especially like your bird photos because I know birds are very difficult to photograph! Thanks for joining and sharing your lovely photographs!

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