My Favourite Pacific Northwest Bloggers

Becoming a better observer means opening yourself to the beauty within the everyday world.

One thing I love about blogging is how one blog can often lead you to another (and another, and another…).  Links to other blogs and posts are a simple way to both discover new reading material and build connections with other blogs and bloggers.  Here are five of my favourite bloggers, all of them from the beautiful Pacific Northwest, a region that includes both the northwest United States and the province of British Columbia, Canada.  All of these blogs are very different from each other, but I’ve been reading most of them for years and they’re all worth following – no matter where you live in the world.

  1. Alison Leigh Lilly / Holy Wild – Alison lives in Seattle and not only is she a talented writer, she’s also deeply passionate about her landscape and the natural world.  Her finely-crafted blog posts explore the spiritual relationship between humans and their inner and outer landscapes, and while she doesn’t post often, each post is well worth waiting for.
  2. Loren Webster / In a Dark Time… The Eye Begins to See – Loren is an excellent photographer, especially of birds (which I have much respect for, since I find birds one of the more difficult subjects to photograph).  He has a love for poetry and literature (unsurprising, given that his blog’s title is a reference to one of Theodore Roethke’s poems), and I also enjoy his posts reflecting on the books he has read.
  3. Nao & Mark Sims / Honey Grove – Nao and Mark run an apiary and organic farm on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, selling their own honey and running a vacation rental cottage.  Nao writes their blog, and her posts are full of enthusiasm, optimism, and a deep love for her bees.  I find it inspiring to see people in my own province fulfilling one of their dreams and doing work that they love.
  4. Susannah Anderson / Wanderin’ Weeta – Susannah is another BC blogger, although she’s on the mainland.  She describes herself as “a lover of birds, green stuff, multi-legged beasties, and the critters that squirm, slither, and scramble on our beaches.”  Like me, Susannah has a love for the small critters and – especially since I’ve always lived inland – I’m fascinated by the diversity (and often sheer bizarreness) of the marine organisms she photographs.
  5. Milla Prince / The Girl Who Married a Bear – Originally from Finland, Milla now lives on a small island on the Washington Coast.  She blogs about homesteading, wildcrafting (collecting plants from the wild for food and medicine), cooking, gardening, and more.  She also takes beautiful photos, sells vintage clothing online, and has a great personal style.

Who are your favourite bloggers from the Pacific Northwest (and beyond)?

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3 Responses to My Favourite Pacific Northwest Bloggers

  1. Ryan says:

    Some really interesting blogs there, thanks for pointing them out!

  2. Wanderin' Weeta says:

    Thanks for including my blog! Made my day!

    And now, I’ve got to go check out those other 4 blogs; they’re all new to me. Thanks for introducing them!

  3. loweb3 says:

    Thanks for the list. Most of the Northwest blogs I originally linked to have disappeared over the years, so my blogroll seems to be dominated by English blogs, with a few notable exceptions. The very first blogs that linked to me was Riley Dog and Wood’s Lot, both Canadian blogs.

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