The edge of the ordinary is a place where you can remember your interdependence with the rest of nature, rediscover your inherent creativity, and simply be.  The edge of the ordinary is not in the wilderness or far from home.  It is here, all around you: in the sky, in the air, in the vacant lots, in the cracks in the sidewalk, in the small details that most people ignore.  At the edge of the ordinary you will discover a world of depth and meaning and everyday wonder.  A world peopled by plants and animals and fungi and slime moulds and mountains and rivers and stars and atoms and galaxies.  A world in which to be human is to be both very small and also very large.


Welcome!  I am Heather M. Mingo, a writer, blogger, and amateur naturalist living in a small town in the Canadian province of British Columbia (one of the most beautiful places in the world) with 3 cats, 700+ books, and 40+ house plants.

At the Edge of the Ordinary is a blog about more-than-human nature and our relationship with it, but I also write about the books I read, talk a bit about my writing, and share photos from my explorations and travels.  I have diverse and eclectic interests, and I want my blog to reflect that.

Want to know more?

  • I’m a geek about plants, fungi, insects, ecosystems, and all that, and I even have a degree in natural resource science to prove it.
  • I love reading fantasy, science fiction, poetry, and some non-fiction.  (Read this post for more about some of my favourite books).
  • I own a typewriter, a fountain pen, and a lot of notebooks, but no smart phone.
  • If I could travel anywhere in the world it would be to the Arctic or the Antarctic.
  • Social media is too social for me, but you can find me on LibraryThing.

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