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Spotted Photo Theme: Walking

I love walking.  It’s one of my favourite activities, and my favourite way to get from one place to another.  It’s a way to explore, breathe the air, and simply be in a place.  When walking, my mind naturally becomes … Continue reading

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Never Less Alone: The Joys of Solitude and the Companionship of Nature

I was never less alone than when by myself.  — Edward Gibbon I have long known that I need solitude.  In solitude, I feel most myself; it is when I can relax, think, plan, and imagine freely, undisturbed and undistracted … Continue reading

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International Rock Flipping Day 2014

The results of International Rock Flipping Day 2014 are in!  From across the land, we ventured out, flipping rocks and snapping photos.  We found diverse creatures under and among our rocks: creatures small and smaller, creatures with wings or with legs or … Continue reading

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Rock Flipping: Two Worms and a Pill-bug

Today is International Rock Flipping Day, a day to get outside and discover what critters lurk below rocks at the edges of our backyards, vacant lots, alleyways, and other wild and not-so-wild places. I was a bit worried about this … Continue reading

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Photography and the Art of Seeing

For some, photography is memory.  Photos capture images of important people and places in our lives so that later we can be reminded of them and reflect on how our lives have changed over the years.  But memory lies in … Continue reading

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