International Rock Flipping Day is coming to At the Edge of the Ordinary

I am excited to announce that At the Edge of the Ordinary will be hosting International Rock Flipping Day 2014!

International Rock Flipping Day

What is International Rock Flipping Day?

IRFD is a day to discover and celebrate the wild creatures that live in our backyards, vacant lots, alleyways, and other wild and not-so-wild places.  Rocks are found almost everywhere, and many of them serve as habitats for small creatures that most of us usually don’t notice.  Flip a rock, and you may discover a whole new world.

International Rock Flipping Day will be held this year on the second Sunday in September, which is September 14, 2014.

IRFD was founded in 2007, and has been hosted for the last several years by Susannah Anderson of Wanderin’ Weeta.  Please see this post on her blog for more details about the history of this day.

If you would like to take part in IRFD, here’s what you need to do:

  • Find a rock.  Sometime around September 14, flip it over and record what you discover.  You can flip more than one rock.
  • You can record your findings in whatever way you prefer, whether that is through photos, videos, sketches, prose, or poetry.
  • Share your findings in a blog post (and use the badge at the beginning of this post, if you like), or upload your photos to this Flickr group.
  • Send me your links by email or by filling out my contact form.

Caution: Please be aware that some of the critters you may encounter under or around rocks can be potentially dangerous (snakes, scorpions, spiders, hornets, etc.).  You may want to consider wearing a sturdy pair of gloves or using a pry bar to lift the rock.  Also, please remember that these rocks are also homes.  Take care not to harm any of the animals you encounter, and make sure to replace the rock as you found it.

See Susannah’s post for more details, and for links to past Rock Flipping Days.

Sharing: I will collect all of your IRFD links and post them here for everyone to explore.  You can then share them on your blog or social media (the hashtag on Twitter is #rockflip).

Let everyone know about International Rock Flipping Day!  The more people participate, the more fun it will be for everyone.

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3 Responses to International Rock Flipping Day is coming to At the Edge of the Ordinary

  1. flowermama says:

    Yay! I’m happy to have found your page! I found it googling to find info about International Rock Flipping Day! I’ll be sharing a link to your site with others, and my kids and I will be participating this year. :D

  2. If you live in the States, in Western New York, Wild Spirit Education is holding a Rock Flippin’ Hike in Sardinia, NY. Sign up at They also have a Facebook Page at

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