Spotted Photo Theme: Green

Green is my favourite colour, and has been for as long as I can remember.  On one level I suppose my love for this colour reflects my love for plants and nature in general, but mainly it is simply a colour that I enjoy using and seeing around me.  Many of my belongings and tools that I use everyday – from notebooks and pens to clothes and towels – are green.  And since I photograph plants more often than I do any other subject, green is naturally the dominant colour in my photographs.


A western redcedar tree growing in the temperate rainforest of the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Plants are green because they contain chlorophyll, a green pigment that is important to photosynthesis, the process that allows plants to convert the energy of the sun into the chemical energy of sugars.  People could not survive without chlorophyll and photosynthesis, as we depend on plants for all of our food and for the oxygen that is produced as a “waste” product of photosynthesis.  Plants that are not green still contain chlorophyll, but it is masked by other, non-green pigments.

Skunk cabbage close-up

Skunk cabbage, one of the earliest wild plants to bloom in the spring.


The green needles of a redcedar poking out from under the snow. Photographed while snowshoeing a few winters ago.

The colour green is thought to be restful on the eyes, and to symbolize growth, renewal, health, and nature.  Being a mix of a warm colour (yellow) and a cool colour (blue), green may also suggest balance and calm.  My favourite shade of green is a bright warm yellow-toned green, which reminds me of the colours of fresh spring leaves and grass.

Trembling aspen

Trembling aspen, one of my favourite trees and also a keystone species.

"Do Not Pick Flowers / Fragile Alpine Environment"

Do Not Pick Flowers! A sign with an important message photographed while hiking in an alpine area several years ago.

Old fire lookout tower

An old fire lookout tower photographed at the same place.

Green (yellow-green) is also the dominant wavelength of light emitted by the Sun.  And in conditions of low light, the rod cells in our eyes are suited to picking out objects and colours that are green better than those of other colours.


A old boat photographed in the Tofino Botanical Gardens on the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Lungwort lichen

Lungwort lichen on the trunk of a tree in Wells Gray Provincial Park, British Columbia. I love lichens!

What’s your favourite colour?


Spotted photo theme

The post Spotted Photo Theme: Green is part of iHanna’s Spotted Photo Theme challenge.  If this post interests you, please consider joining in and sharing your own photo themes!

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4 Responses to Spotted Photo Theme: Green

  1. iHanna says:

    Oh love this post, thanks for sharing Heather! Green is among my favorite colors, and your nature photos makes me happy. Also enjoyed the green facts! Cheers!

  2. summertime dreams says:

    Green makes me so happy. I like photos of green in the outdoors, but I love photos of multiple layers of greens in the outdoors even more!

    PS. I suppose my email reply to you is long past overdue by now!

    • Heather says:

      Multiple layers of green…I hadn’t thought of my photos that way :) I’m glad that you’re also a fan of green!

      And don’t worry about the email. I was actually a bit worried that something might have happened to you, so I am glad to hear from you and to know that you are still around!

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