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My 10 Favourite Books: #8 A Trail Through Leaves

Hannah Hinchman’s A Trail Through Leaves: The Journal as a Path to Place is part instruction on how to keep a nature journal, part memoir, and part contemplation.  Hinchman has kept illustrated nature journals since the age of 17, and … Continue reading

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My 10 Favourite Books: #9 Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

The year is 1806 in Yorkshire, England.  True magic is believed to be long vanished from the country, relegated to the merely academic study of gentleman-scholars, when one man – the unlikely, unfriendly, and reclusive Mr. Norrell – claims to … Continue reading

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My 10 Favourite Books: #10 Nature and the Human Soul

A couple of bloggers I read (Millie and Surendran) have recently posted lists of their ten favourite books, so I’ve decided to do the same thing – even though it was very difficult to narrow my list down to only … Continue reading

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