Best of At the Edge of the Ordinary 2014

The end of the year has arrived and that means it is time to review the year that has passed and make plans for the new year to come.  As part of that, I’ve made a list of my favourite blog posts from 2014 – the posts that I am most proud of and that I feel best represent what this blog is about.


  1. G is for Grass (and Grassland) – The grasslands of British Columbia are among my favourite places to visit.  Although some people see them as barren, to me they are rich ecosystems that are full of life.
  2. Exploring the Essence of Place – A practice in exploring a landscape through photography.
  3. K is for Keystone – Keystone species help to hold ecosystems together, and so are very important.  I think this concept is a good place to start if we want to gain a better understanding of our local environments.
  4. Photography and the Art of Seeing – This is what photography is about for me.
  5. I is for Invasive – I’ve been interested in invasive species ever since I first studied and wrote a paper about them in university.  This is another very important issue that can have many influences on our ecosystems.
  6. Discovering and Connecting with Nature Indoors – While most of nature is outdoors, there are still ways we can connect even when the weather (or personal issues, such as illness) forces us indoors.
  7. D is for Douglas-fir – One of my favourite trees (I think I say that about all trees!).
  8. Rock Flipping: Two Worms and a Pill-bug – One of the highlights of my blogging year was taking part in (and hosting) International Rock Flipping Day 2014.  This was my contribution to the day, and it was a fun post to photograph and write, even though I was a bit disappointed with what I found.
  9. Spotted Photo Theme: Leaves – I’m a definitely a plant person, and so I love leaves.  And looking at these photos simply makes me happy.
  10. F is for Fungi – I also love fungi, especially mushrooms and the mycorrhizal fungi that are so important in keeping our forests healthy.

I did not publish as many blog posts as I planned this year, but I have many plans and ideas for next year, so I’m hoping that 2015 will be an even better year for blogging.

Maple Leaves

Finally, here are the most popular posts of 2014:

  1. My Favourite Pacific Northwest Bloggers
  2. A is for Apple
  3. Spotted Photo Theme: Green
  4. Link Share: Readings for Late Winter
  5. Exploring the Essence of Place
  6. Spotted Photo Theme: Animals
  7. Rock Flipping: Two Worms and a Pill-bug
  8. Early Autumn in the Cascade Mountains
  9. Photography and the Art of Seeing
  10. Spring Reading List
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