Link Share: Journals, Clouds, Forests

I am away this week, so here are some links for you to read in my absence:

  • Writer Lyanda Lynn Haupt contemplates diaries and the wild mind, with three tips on how to start (or re-start) a journal habit.  I have been keeping journals off and on for years, and I agree with her that keeping a journal helps me to feel more settled and creative.  One thing that I want to do with my journals in the future is to combine my art and nature journals with my personal diary, just as Lyanda does, because then I will only need one notebook instead of several, and having everything mixed together seems to me a better reflection of how the world really is.  (You can also read my review of Haupt’s book, Crow Planet.)
  • Julian Kay shares a selection of his beautiful cloud photos.  He describes clouds as his “life’s work”, which to me sounds like a recognition that while the perfect photograph may be impossible, it is still something that we can work towards.  I don’t take many photos of clouds, but I should try doing so more often.
  • For photos of a different kind, check out these macro-photos of British soldier lichen from resurrection fern.  Lichens are one of my favourite groups of organisms, and this species is an especially colourful and interesting example.
  • Wanderin’ Weeta describes natural recycling in the forest, with many photos.  This is a wonderful example of the constancy of change, of how trees continue to support life even in their own death, and of the many diverse habitats found in a forest that contains trees of all life stages.  In nature, nothing is wasted; what is waste to one creature is an essential resource to another.

That is all for now.  Have an excellent week!

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