Sunflower Fields Blooming at the Height of Summer

A farm near my home is growing sunflowers this year.  Glowing sunflowers fill the fields from the side of the road to the edge of the forest, their faces turned towards the sun:

Sunflower field

Sunflower field

To me, sunflowers symbolize the height of summer and remind me of long, hot days, with the dust rising off the roads and the fields, the scent of smoke from forest fires, and the sun gleaming orange through the hazy air.  And also other days where the sky is a clear blue sprinkled with white clouds, the distant hills stand out crisply against the horizon, and you can almost pick out individual trees on the slopes.

And yet sunflowers with their autumnal colours are also a sign of summer’s end, which will be arriving all too soon.  The way they quickly bloom, glow, and fade is a reminder in itself of the swift passing of the seasons, which seem to pass by faster every year.

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