The Story Of My Life So Far

I grew up in the country, in a house surrounded by forests and hills.  I grew up knowing how to identify different plants and birds, watching vegetables grow in my family’s backyard garden, and being aware of both the beauties and dangers – from rare wildflowers to storms that destroyed crops – present in the more-than-human world.

Because I was an only child and because we lived out of town, I didn’t interact with many children my age outside of school.  I had to find my own entertainment, but this was never hard.  I loved books and reading, and I used my toys to tell complex and imaginative stories to myself.  The land itself entered into my stories, as I filled it with dragons, unicorns, wizards, and other fantastic beings who I met in my books.  I could talk to the trees and they would talk back to me.  As I grew older, I started writing down some of my stories and ideas.

When I went to university, I became more aware of the nature around me rather than less.  What had once been ever-present became, in the city, harder to find, and so I learned to look for it more closely: for the magpies perched on the dumpster, for the flock of geese flying overhead early in the morning as I walked to the computer lab, for the sound of an owl hooting that woke me in the middle of the night.  As the months and years passed faster, I became more aware of the cycle of the seasons, and my studies of physics, biology, and ecology revealed more of the patterns embedded in the landscape and universe around me.  I walked the hills surrounding the campus, read more than ever, and began writing poetry and fiction again, something that I had mostly given up in high school.


And now, here I am.  Sometimes I wonder how my life could have turned out differently – if I had read different books, met different people, or lived in a different place, for example – but I’ll never know that, never know whether those other lives would have been better or worse than the one I’m living now.  All I can know is what I have today, this path that has led me here, to the edge of the ordinary and to this blog.

I started this blog partly because I believe that the more-than-human world is essential to the human world, on physical, emotional, spiritual, and creative levels, and that many of us need to change the way we relate to it.  I believe also that everything is stories, and that all stories are part of one larger Story.  I believe that I have some good stories to tell, and that my voice and my stories are a unique part of that larger Story, because no one else sees the world in the same way that I see it.

Over the coming weeks and months, I’ll be exploring these topics in detail in a series of posts.  I will use examples from my own life as illustrations, but please  share your own experiences in the comments as we go.  You, too, have a unique story to tell, and perhaps by piecing together our separate truths we can begin to arrive at an approximation of some larger Truth.  Along with these posts, I will also continue to write my nature observations, seasonal reflections, book reviews, link shares, and any other posts that need to be written.  I hope you enjoy the ride.


Next post in this series – Cosmology

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4 Responses to The Story Of My Life So Far

  1. Sophie says:

    I enjoy your posts so much, Heather. They remind me of things that I’ve forgotten, and landscapes I revisit in dreams.

  2. This is great, heather. Connections are so important, aren’t they? So many difficulties arise when we take what seems to be real (but it in fact only one view of what is real) – the separateness of me from you – and live our lives as if the separation were the only truth. Whereas, all is also connection. We ARE part of this world, and need to nurture it as well as receive its nurture.

    The flame that springs up through art – words, music, images is all about the making of patterns – and patterns are all about connecting this-and-that. What you said here :

    I believe also that everything is stories, and that all stories are part of one larger Story.

    Absolutely. Absolutely

    Thanks for your post!

    • Heather says:

      Connection is a theme that I think about often, and it is one that is going to come up a lot in my next several posts. Realizing that everything is connected – in so many different ways – has been a very important realization in my life. I think that if more people had a deep understanding of just how connected they are to the rest of the world, they would live their lives in different ways.

      What you say about patterns, art, and “connecting this-and-that” – I think that is a lot of what I am trying to do here. Observing patterns… making connections…

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