Link Share: Happiness, Doing Less, Nature

Posts on creativity, art, doing what you love, and connecting with nature:

  • Saybe Scott on creating happiness, and living with less so that you can do what you love.  I’m working on this, although I can’t say that I’m there yet.  I haven’t completely figured out my writing routine, but as I revise and get feedback on my first novel, I know that I am becoming a better writer and gaining more confidence in my writing – which in turn makes me more happy with what I do write.  What you love to do might be something totally different.  But you need to do what you love and to love what you do, or else happiness will remain elusive.
  • And, continuing the theme of doing less in order to find happiness and peace, Jessica Marcarelli on sacred idleness.  I agree that our culture has an obsession with work, doing more, and filling up our to-do lists and agendas until they burst – and then beating ourselves up over not being able to accomplish as much as we want.  I’ve done that myself, and my new plan is to put less on my to-do list, but to work through each item more slowly and thoroughly.  And to take breaks when I need them.
  • When you do less, you might have more time to spend in nature, and to take a closer look at the small details that surround you – like Joanna Paterson did, in thirteen ways of looking at a daisy.  Joanna’s photographs are beautiful, with a soft, dreamy look to them that I love, and they are all taken on her phone.
  • Diane Becka builds art with rocks on the lakeshore, arrangements that blend easily into the environment from which they were made – and which will eventually return to it (and also see Diane’s post on creation and destruction).  I especially like the double spiral, and next time I am in a place with a multitude of loose rocks, I am going to have to try building some of these myself.
  • Alison Leigh Lilly discusses the nature journal as a journey into mystery, and provides two exercises, naming and questioning.  Both exercises can aid us in our observation of nature, and encourage us to become more aware of the everyday wonder and mystery that is everywhere, if only we look for it.
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