Link Share: Simplicity, Frost, Phenology

The beginning of a new feature here At the Edge of the Ordinary, where I share links to intriguing and inspiring posts from around the web:

  • I reviewed the book Crow Planet by Lyanda Lynn Haupt earlier this month, and now I’d also like to recommend Lyanda’s blog, The Tangled Nest: Cultivating an Urban-Earthen Household.  I enjoy both her writing style and the diversity of topics she covers, from Charles Darwin to backyard chickens to cookie recipes.  I especially enjoyed her post on radical de-cluttering, where she writes, “Maybe I want to keep more and more books, and less and less of everything else until eventually I live with nothing but a library and a teacup!”  That sounds very nice; I could live that way.
  • And while we’re talking about de-cluttering, also check out this post by Cole Imperi on simplicity.  While I enjoy de-cluttering, I think that sometimes we can become obsessed with getting rid of things and bragging about how we can live with only 100 possessions or less instead of appreciating what we do have.
  • Even though spring is here, the mornings can still be cool and frosty.  Here are some gorgeous photos of frost and light from early last winter.
  • Finally, suitable for this time of year when seasons are changing, Waverly Fitzgerald writes about phenology and measuring the immeasurables – which sounds to me like a wonderful way to cultivate a practice of nature observation.  I also appreciate that she mentions one of my favourite books in her post: Hannah Hinchman’s A Trail Through Leaves: The Journal as a Path to Place.
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